Past collaboration

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 Aging×End times


 Aging×Only one tote
Handle Cover(2018)  
Only one pocket(2004 ~ 2011)


System notebook a new color (2009~) System notebook mini (2011~)

System Handbook(2008~)

Roll pen case (2007~)


Aging×Bijou de ARSNOVA
jewel-keeper (2009)


 Aging×Orange page
Health and Happiness Project (2009~2010)  
Canvas wallet support team(2008~2010)





Bag IN bag



Arita Masafumi
中西圭三( Yuzu(2008)
岡本真夜 (2011 ~ 2012)


Running weaving PYLONE by petit coquin!


Name corresponding to the image only


Meiji University
JT Liberty Hill orthodontics