About Leather color

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Oil nume

A popular quality leather. Moist with a soft finish. Also used in system notebooks and roll pen cases. Excellent balance in terms of cost.

・Standard : Black / No.440-Brown
・Semi-standard: No.550-Red (may be in stock)

Black Black

From left. 550Red, 750Green,Black


Earth leather
-Full Vegetable Tanned Leather-

No gloss. The more you use this leather, the more luxurious it becomes. Enjoy the natural shade and texture of this fine leather.

・Standard:  Black, Dark Brown

Black Dark brown
Black Dark brown, Black

-Full Vegetable Tanned Leather-

Glossy. A top coat (applied with a varnish-like leather coat) is applied, which gives it a gorgeous and glamorous beauty. When used, it has an added depth and changes to a great texture.

・Standard: No.3-Midium brown , No.20-Green

No.3 Midium brown
No.20 Green

From left, No.19 Royal blue, No.20Green, No.3Midium brown

No.21 Khaki brown

 Custom color

If you want a standard leather with a color other than the standard color, an economic lot (When you order 10pcs A4books)  that cuts out one leather will be accepted at no additional charge. You can select the color development from the above sample book.