Aging vitam-ago

Aging, and vitam-ago brand name find scissor case, however.
1 points each hand-sewn production,serial number is issued, the repair or customization at the time, the body engraved with numbers and not please.

Long patronage in the fragile place, and almost everyone can request the option information is stored in
a refinement, the first material from the Institute of sales will.
The trial also actively grapple, opinions and requests, please continue, please feel free to contact us.

Scissor case summary

S-01 S-02 S-03 L-01
flat pockets with 2
simple type
gusseted small pocket 2 one to
snuggle layout
theme with a large pocket with 2
straight side by side layout
on a flat pocket with 3
S- 01 wide type
20cm x 16.5 cm 20cm x 17cm, 20cm x 17cm, 20cm x 20cm

color customization of

each part name color order
mounting shoulder black ・ brown ・ skin tone 3 colors to choose from
large pockets Classic Leather select from
a small pocket
cover (S-03 only)
Thread white ・ beige ・ black 3 colors to choose from