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Aging's Genuine Leather Menubook

本革メニューブック Aging

We will deliver a genuine leather menu book. A genuine leather menu book that touches people deeply with a pleasing color and luster that you can experience when handling. A functional and simple design that eliminates waste, contributes to a refined impression, and is a good cost balance for business use.

We strive to create products that reflect customer feedback and flexibly respond to design and option additions. Our products are all made-to-order. We will do everything we can to deliver our products quickly so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Order flow

本革メニューブック Aging
本革メニューブック Aging

Choose Design, Leather, Options → Issue Invoice → Transfer Money → Production → Delivery to the designated location

  • Because it is for business use, we aim to provide it at a wholesale price, and the price varies depending on the number of books ordered.
  • The number of books made from one leather is the economic lot, and shipping is free for economic lots and above. Lot cracking will approach the regular price.
  • We will deliver the goods within 10 days to 2 weeks after payment is confirmed. *If branding is performed, an extra 3-5 days will be required for delivery.
  • Credit payment is also available. However a specific card fee will appear.
  • Once an order is received, please understand it cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged.
本革メニューブック Aging


Kuru kuru menu Size development: For A4, A3
Classic leather type: Oilnume, Earth leather, Aniline
Color: 10 to 12 units


Strap menu Size development: A4, B5, A5
Classic leather type: Earth leather, Aniline
Color: A4, B5: 10-12 units / A5: 15 units


Classic menu Size development: For A4
Classic leather type: Oilnume
Color: 7 units


Screw type / binder menu Size development: For A4 / B5
Classic leather type: Oilnume, Earth leather, Aniline
Color: 10 to 12 units


Screw type / minimal binder Size development: For A5
Classic leather type: Oilnume, Earth leather, Aniline
Color: 10 to 12 units


About leather quality

オイルヌメ Aging

Oil Nume A popular quality leather. Moist with a soft finish. Also used in system notebooks and roll pen cases. Excellent balance in terms of cost.

Classic color: Black / Brown
Semi-standard: Red (may be in stock)
Other: Abundant color variations

アースレザー(栃木レザー) Aging

Earth leather (Full Vegetable Tanned Leather) No gloss. The more you use this leather, the more luxurious it becomes. Enjoy the natural shade and texture of this fine leather.

Classic color: Black, Dark Brown
Others: Skin color

アニリン(栃木レザー) Aging

Aniline (Full Vegetable Tanned Leather) Glossy. A top coat (applied with a varnish-like leather coat) is applied, which gives it a gorgeous and glamorous beauty. When used, it has an added depth and changes to a great texture.

Classic color: Medium Brown, Green
Other: Abundant color variations

■ What is Full Vegetable tanned Leather(Tochigi Leather)?Nume leather tanned with vegetable tannin without using chemicals. Full Vegetable Tanned Leather(Tochigi Leather) uses a resin extracted from mimosa to keep the traditional tanning process. The craftsmen also have experts in each process, taking time and effort to create durable leather. By giving softness to hard ume leather and coloring it with care, it achieves a deep and good color gloss.

■ About leather that arrives occasionallyAging designs bags and other small leather goods, so we handle a variety of special leathers. We may be able to propose a reasonable leather for your desired product.


焼印 Aging

Branding (with name)A simple stamping machine in the atelier is available for 150 yen per location per order. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
However, since you will be charged for making metal stamps to set, please prepare your order details for obtaining an estimate from the engraving company. (Estimated logo size: up to 7cm width)

Larger brands are outsourced. Please feel free to contact us for a separate estimate.

カラー Aging

Custom colorIf you want a standard leather with a color other than the standard color, an economic lot that cuts out one leather will be accepted at no additional charge. You can select the color development from the sample book.

There are times when very valuable leather is in stock. We will make proposals according to your budget and circumstances, so please let us know if you are interested in these types of leather.

デザインカスタマイズ Aging

Design customizationPlease contact us if you have any requests such as changing the tip motif of the round menu, new size development, specification change etc. One piece of leather is available without stitching.

One point memo
-Some leather parts are easily distorted. Texture may change.
-Leather straps and screws are available for replacement.


■ The menu book continues to evolve based on customer feedback.The latest information is being posted on the blog.

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