"Limited memorial chalk bag presents by Aging of the 60th anniversary of Sega"

Agingスタッフ But... I wrote it to you.

2020I establish it for six a year three days a month60For Sega reaching the big knot called the anniversary,AgingThen,"Sega"60Anniversary-limited memorial chalk bagI designed を in particular!


In Sega, a specially installed site opens in commemoration of the 60th anniversary brilliantly! It is lottery 60 people にこの from the one that I contributed in "celebration message contribution plan" from this April 21I present "a 60th anniversary-limited memorial chalk bag"!という, the commemorative plan that it was very luxurious, and were magnanimous began.

An offer period: From April 21 to June 30
A publication period: Until from June 3 to March 31, 2021



Specifically,Burgeon; a thing articleGive me もご 覧.


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