Leather Mask Case for "GR TOYOTA Gazoo Racing"

NaitoMegumi But... I wrote it to you.

We have created a collaborative case with the Toyota Gazoo Racing in addition . The Fuji Speedway is scheduled to be held on April 3, and will be sold at a race venue in various places.

[leather maskcase]
The main body: Caw leather
Informal attire: Clean poliox (*Mackspeck recruitment: Toray dough with a septic effect)
We use the dough of sterilized bacteria instead of antibacterial.
Machining: Body and interior are covelled with wappen, and coated with coating on the cutting surface.
Image by GR TOYOTA Gazoo Racing, Aging-Labo
About the "Mock Speck" in Toray

[leather connectholder]
The main body: Caw leather, black, red and white 
Adjunct: spring hook (nickel)
Image by GR TOYOTA Gazoo Racing, Aging-Labo

All of these are limited sales in the Toyota-based GazooRacing.

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