"5% reduction" by using AmazonPay PayPal

Agingスタッフ But... I wrote it to you.

Up to 30% of the settlement completion of June 2020, 5% of your settlement price will be reduced for AmazonPay or PayPal in the Aging store. The following is detailed information.(Limited to customers residing in Japan)

[In the case of Amazon Pay]

Cashless reduction method: The consumer reduction method provided by the credit card issuing company used by Amazon Pay will be reducing later.

【When using PayPal】

Target person to receive reduction: PayPalWallet payment (login and payed) is the target of customers who have paid for Japanese yen.
· Click here for other conditions and detailsPlease check on the Paypal site

Cashless reduction method: · Paypal, the amount of usage for the target for the target is summed, and by the end of the next month, the 5% equivalent amount is reduced to the balance of the payPal account. (The limit of reduction is until the balance of 20,000 yen per month)

What is Cacheless Consumer Reduction Project?

Cashless and consumer reduction projects are expected to increase the consumption tax rate as a measure of demand leveling and improving the convenience of consumers as a measure of demand leveling, as a countermeasure for demand leveling, and It is a business that supports points reduction using cacheless means by small and small businesses. AGING Store is also registered as a member store.

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