Agingスタッフ But... I wrote it to you.

Aging of site whole new. This Aging store,from access and settlement, English, etc., for your convenience, the service I expanded the site to.

This from the product add and product pages to enrich,to enjoy. shop operations in order. In the years to come any questions and / or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


<Future schedule>

* 10 month 29 days to 30 days:the customer information of the transfer・operate adjustment
※New system migration, along with the password and the use history is a clear process............ New store orders and the registration and customer information of the associate automatically.

* 10 May 31, (Thu)Arrive on the delivery tracking of the feature is up.

* 11 November 1 (Fri)AmazonPay settlement,"the tax reduction of 5% on the"Apply will.

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