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Agingスタッフ But... I wrote it to you.

Aging to long please, and thank you.
Thanks to the Aging is a company established 14 years. The previous site in exclusive for your special information, and the password reset does,10 month 31 day guide newsletter sent to you, please send an email with the following information to the address below.

-----------【Aging from the ... to contact the customer】-----------

It1)Membership password once you reset it.
Shopping cart to the new system on migration for the Aging store the registration of the password reset process............ Login state, the first is shopping, and a new register, it automatically associated to do.

Part 2) the newsletter to anything new changed.
The format has changed. Subscribe registration and release and feel free to enjoy. Aging is a contact or event is the introduction of the email as possible.

And 3) customer limit coupon(12On1Day~12On27Days available)
Mind you, the membership have only to customers who apply to extend the coupon (7000 yen or more in free shipping) which,within the above period in the shopping cart facilities.

Coupon code:AYBJ19GXSZCQ

New in the store if I want to or not!

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